“A new day’s dawn was moving over the earth, Aurora’s torch

cleansing the sky, burning away the dank shade of night…”

Virgil, The Aeneid 4:9-10

Mornings are my favorite time of day. The stillness of the pre-dawn morning is a quiet hush anxiously anticipating the sun’s first appearance. There is something magical in those first few moments of sunlight. Light pours over the dark horizon illuminating the heavens. Everything is awash in a spectacular palette of color. I cherish these stolen moments. My life blasts ahead and most morning are either sleeping off exhaustion or reading and finishing up last minute homework items. I often neglect the majesty of the sun breaking over the horizon of the earth or sitting in awe at the intricacies of creation. Sadly, I also forget to watch the new dawns in my own life. I fret over decisions and future plans and miss the joy of the adventure, especially the first moments of spectacular new journeys.

Aurora’s Torch is my purposeful remembrance of life’s new joys. As I begin my mentoring in North Africa, I want this blog to be a light to my friends and family that the dawning of a new chapter in my life is a joyous occasion. Where I go from here…I have no idea, but I embark upon this journey with great hope and expectation. I hope this blog allows you to experience with Taylor and myself the ups and downs of living internationally, to see some of our ridiculous travels and competencies, and to read about our thoughts on life, education, contextualization, Arabic, intentionality, the Mediterranean, and of course – ancient Carthage. Yes, it is my obsession with ancient literature that birthed the title of this blog. Aurora’s torch, in Greek mythology Rosy Fingered Dawn, is the illuminator of the morning sky and I thought it applicable to this new journey. It is a new day and we carry the torch that is “burning away the dank shade of night.”

So dear companions, enjoy!