I enjoy teaching. I have for a number of years, articulating my enjoyment as a spiritual gift, a calling, a natural gifting, to a life passion. Overall, I like to teach people. Perhaps it is the spark of comprehension that lights up a student’s eyes or the narcissistic need to give knowledge, but I like it. To be perfectly honest, I prefer teaching adults – eighteen years and older. Summers of Vacation Bible School and working in a children’s ministry taught me that children exhaust me and teaching English as a Foreign Language to youth reinforced the aversion of working with teens. Children are whiny and sticky, youth are mouthy and angst ridden. Why would I want to teach children and youth? I digress.

I teach, but I do not teach children. Through college ministry work, my journalism job, and my graduate assistant job, I found a deeper peace and satisfaction in work with adults. Through seminary, my profession steadily took me away from children/youth work. However, after I graduated, I found myself marooned in Waco for ten more months and in need of a job. Tired of church and denominational politics, I decided not to apply for church or ministerial positions. As noted above, I like to teach and I applied for adjunct positions. No responses arrived and frustration crept into my life. Nonchalantly, a friend mentioned positions at a private tutorial learning center in town. I complied the applications and attached my resume believing my lack of an education degree and teaching certificate would eliminate me immediately.

It was a shot in the dark that hit the target. They hired me in January, taking a chance on a woman with a master’s degree with no particular skill base to teach, but an ability to teach. Sort of. It was then I began a colourful and educational journey of teaching children from five to eighteen (with a few adults scattered through my days) with the gamut of educational backgrounds, motivations, struggles, learning disabilities, and temperaments. I am fully aware that my reactions and internal thought processes are what make my days entertaining, but never-the-less, this is my perspective…